Air Freshener
Everything is going to shine!

Pleasant scent for the home.

Brait Fresh Relaxing Moments

Brait automatic fresheners refills is a product line inspired by nature fragrances.
Thanks to the advanced formula, the 3in1 AIR CARE fresheners:
– effectively neutralize and absorb particles responsible for unpleasant odors instead of masking
– humidify the air, leaving a feeling of hygienic freshness;
– leave a long lasting pleasing scent.

Capacity: 250 ml



Brait Oriental Garden Spray

Brait Oriental Garden Spray air – neutralises unpleasant odor, refreshes with delicate fragrance and moisturizes the air.

Brait Magic Flower Aqua

Brait Magic Flower is a series of decorative air fresheners with exotic scents that gives any room a pleasant atmosphere.

Brait WC block, Flower, 40g

Brait WC Block hanger for toilets neutralizes odor, prevents the build-up of lime and gives a pleasant scent every time the toilet is flushed.

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