Furniture care
– everything is going to shine!

Danish-produced care products for furniture and wood products.

Sterling Furniture Spray, 300 ml

Sterling Furniture Spray is quick and easy when the lacquered furniture needs freshening up. The Furniture Spray cleans, polishes and protects all lacquered furniture and gives them a protective surface that preserves and enhances the natural glow.Sterling Furniture Spray is also suitable for polishing wood, plastic, laminate, tiles, glossy leather etc.

Contains silicone.

Note: We recommend that the product first be tested on a non visible area. Exercise caution on antique furniture, as some antiques do not tolerate polish.

Avoid spraying on the floor because of the product polishing effect..

The cloth should be discarded after use.

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Shake the can

Shake the can well.

Spray against the surface

Spray evenly on the surface at a distance of 20 cm.

Polish with a soft cloth

Polish the surface with a soft, dry cloth.

For hard reachable areas

For hard to reach places, spray onto the cloth and polish.



Sterling Rosewood Oil, 250 ml

Sterling Rosewood Oil cleans and gives oiled, untreated or matt lacquered rosewood a natural shine.

Sterling Teak Oil, for indoor use, 250 ml

Teak Oil cleans the surface, highlighting the grain of the wood and gives the teak new nourishment.

Sterling Lacquer Wash, 250 ml

Sterling Lacquer Wash is a fat-free, self-polishing polish, which does not contain silicone.

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