Furniture care
Everything is going to shine!

Danish-produced care products for furniture and wood products.

Sterling Lacquer Wash, 250 ml

Sterling Lacquer Wash is a fat-free, self-polishing polish, which does not contain silicone. Sterling Lacquer Wash is a panacea for polishing many kinds of surfaces.

Sterling Lacquer Wash removes fingerprints and shines laminate and painted surfaces such as cabinets, racks and lavatory seats. Sterling Lacquer Wash is also good for freshening up paint on the car and to polish the frame of a bicycle or stroller so they shine like new.

Also use Sterling Lacquer Wash on wall tiles, plastic, stoves and refrigerators – also with steel surface.




Shake well.

Use a dry cloth

Pour a little Sterling Lacquer Wash on a clean dry cloth.

Rub stains and finger marks

Rub till all stains and finger marks are gone.

Can also be used on

Furniture, Cars, bicycle and refrigerators.


Stain removal

Stain removal

Brown Soap is an excellent stain remover. If you have a stain on your clothes, apply a thick layer of Brown Soap on the stain and leave the piece of clothing either folded around the stain or in a plastic bag until the following day.

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Wood Care

Wood Care

Bo has, besides elbow grease, used Sterling Teak Oil to restore this beautiful chair back to its former glory with his treatment. Sterling Teak Oil cleans the surface, highlights the tree’s grains and gives new life to the wood. Teakwood.

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Silverware polish

Silverware polish

As with many other metal objects, including brass, stainless steel and copper, you have to clean your silverware of stains and the ugly dark surface that is formed over time.

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Sterling Leather Care, 212 ml

Sterling Leather Care is a white wax, which acts as a moisturizer and which strengthens the leather and keeps it supple.

Sterling Raw Linseed oil, 500 ml

Cold-pressed linseed oil – the finest form of linseed oil – is a fatty drying oil obtained from the first pressing of linseed.

Sterling Oak and Pine Wax, liquid, 250 ml

Sterling Oak and Pine Wax is a liquid wax for the treatment of waxed, acid-washed and untreated oak and pine furniture.

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