Furniture care
Everything is going to shine!

Danish-produced care products for furniture and wood products.

Sterling Leather Care, 189 ml

Sterling Leather Care is a white wax, which acts as a moisturizer and which strengthens the leather and keeps it supple. Sterling Leather Care cleans, nourishes and refreshes the color up, and is not greasy. Can be used on all leather colours – e.g. bags, belts, leather furniture, etc.

Note: Always try first product on a non visible area as some leathers do not tolerate wax or are from a manufacturer pre-impregnated, so the wax forms a white film instead of penetrating the leather.



Remove dust and dirt

Apply product

Apply the wax in evenly spread, very thin layer.


Allow the wax to dry and polish thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth.

Be patient

Wait for the best result.



Sterling Furniture Polish, 250 ml

Furniture Polish is a polish with wax for all types of lacquered furniture. Cleans and polishes your glossy lacquered wood furniture.

Sterling Raw Linseed oil, 500 ml

Cold-pressed linseed oil – the finest form of linseed oil – is a fatty drying oil obtained from the first pressing of linseed.

Sterling Rosewood Oil, 250 ml

Sterling Rosewood Oil cleans and gives oiled, untreated or matt lacquered rosewood a natural shine.

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