Furniture care
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Danish-produced care products for furniture and wood products.

Sterling Raw Linseed oil, 250 ml

Cold-pressed linseed oil – the finest form of linseed oil – is a fatty drying oil obtained from the first pressing of linseed. This provides a very fine, thin and light oil with very small molecules, which are able to penetrate well into the wood and, therefore, is good for the treatment of oil-treated or untreated wood. Cold-pressed linseed oil provides for a smoother and harder surface than other oils. Sterling Raw Linseed oil is used to treat wood, wooden furniture and flooring.

Treatment of furniture: Cold-pressed linseed oil can be used in both teak and other hardwood furniture and slate. Cold-pressed linseed oil is particularly suitable for kitchen counters of oil or untreated wood.

Note: Sterling Raw Linseed oil can, if desired, be diluted with turpentine in a ratio of 3 parts of cold-pressed linseed oil to 1 part of turpentine.

ATTENTION! Keep out of reach of children.

Cloths with linseed oil are highly flammable and must be either burned or stored under a tight-fitting lid.


Clean surface

Clean or sand what needs to be treated.

Apply oil

Once the object is dry/sanding dust has been wiped off, apply Sterling Raw Linseed Oil in a very thin layer.

Be patient

Allow the oil to penetrate.


After 20-25 minutes wipe off excess oil.



Sterling Teak Oil, for indoor use, 250 ml

Sterling Teak Oil cleans the surface, highlighting the grain of the wood and gives the teak new nourishment.

Sterling Rosewood Oil, 250 ml

Sterling Rosewood Oil cleans and gives oiled, untreated or matt lacquered rosewood a natural shine.

Sterling Oak and Pine Wax, liquid, 250 ml

Sterling Oak and Pine Wax is a liquid wax for the treatment of waxed, acid-washed and untreated oak.

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