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The best for cleaning your home.

Sterling Citric Acid, 500 g

For effective lime scale removal from coffee machines, kettles and dishwashers.


The world’s first polish with the EU’s Ecolabel

Sterling Polish, as the first in the world, can present an eco-labeled polisher, the Bistro Silver Cleaner with the recognized EU Ecolabel. Since the development of Bistro Silver Cleaner in 1970, a great demand for environmentally friendly products has arisen, and therefore it is a natural way to go for us, as we want to meet our customers’ needs.

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Sterling Brown Soap, gel, 500 g

Sterling Brown Soap Gel is suitable for removing both grass stains and old paint and grease stains on your clothes.

Sterling Lime scale Remover Spray, 500 ml

Sterling Lime Scale Remover Spray adds shine while removing lime and stains from showers, baths, stainless steel, tiles, sinks, etc.

Sterling Liquid Soap flakes, 750 ml

Liquid Soap Flakes contain only pure soap with no added perfumes or ingredients, it being a good choice for sensitive purposes.

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