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Sterling Liquid Soap flakes, 750 ml

Liquid Soap Flakes

Liquid Soap Flakes contain only pure soap with no added perfumes or ingredients, making them a great choice for babies and those with sensitive skin or prone to allergies.

Liquid Soap Flakes in the wash

The liquid is instantly soluble and does not form a gel in cold water. It can be used at cool wash temperatures, requiring less energy per wash. Liquid Soap Flakes are suitable for cleaning delicate fabrics including wool, lace, silk and leather.

Of course, Liquid Soap Flakes can also be used for hand-washing too. If you were used to the old dry variety, you will notice that the liquid variety don’t lather as much; that’s exactly the reason why they can now be used in the washing machine. The advantage of the new Liquid variety is that they disperse more readily and won’t leave any un-dissolved bits on clothes. They are just as effective at cleaning.

Note: Liquid Soap Flakes can also be used for other cleaning tasks around the home, such as washing floors, furniture and so on.


For gentle washing

Sterling Liquid Soap Beans are used as a common detergent for gentle washing.

Match the roof constructions on the clothes

Bring liquid soap dispensers into the soap dispenser or in the washbasin and select the washing program according to the washing instructions on the laundry.


With medium water 60 ml (1 ½ capsule).


With hard water 80 ml (2 capsule).


The world’s first polish with the EU’s Ecolabel

Sterling Polish, as the first in the world, can present an eco-labeled polisher, the Bistro Silver Cleaner with the recognized EU Ecolabel. Since the development of Bistro Silver Cleaner in 1970, a great demand for environmentally friendly products has arisen, and therefore it is a natural way to go for us, as we want to meet our customers’ needs.

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Sterling Citric Acid, 500 g

For effective lime scale removal from coffee machines, kettles and dishwashers.

Sterling Lime scale Remover Spray

Sterling Lime Scale Remover Spray adds shine while removing lime and stains from showers, baths, etc.

Sterling Descaling Tablets

For effective lime scale removal from coffee machines, kettles and dishwashers.

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