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Sterling Oven and Grill Cleaner, spray, 300 ml

Sterling Oven and Grill Cleaner is used directly in the cold oven or on the cold grill rack and quickly and efficiently removes burnt in grime and stubborn dirt. Sterling Oven and Grill Cleaner is an aerosol based cleaner, which is active without heating. The product is especially good for cleaning electric ovens and barbecue grills and can also be applied to non-self-cleaning surfaces in self-cleaning ovens (often the bottom).

Note! As the product is highly corrosive, it is important not to miss when spraying. Especially avoid aluminum, copper and painted surfaces. If the product comes into contact with for example floor or countertop, neutralize immediately with lemon juice and rinse with clean water. Avoid spraying in areas where immediate wiping is not possible.

Instructions for cleaning barbeque grills:

Place the grate on a newspaper.

Shake the can thoroughly.

Hold the can about 20 cm from the cold grate and spray foam in an even layer on both sides of the grid. Let the cleaner work for about 20 minutes till the foam liquefies or dries up.

Remove the dirt with a steel brush or scouring sponge with soapy water and rinse with clean water.

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Shake well and apply

Shake well. Hold the can about 20 cm from the cold surfaces and spray foam out in an even layer.

Let the cleaner work

Let the cleaner work for about 20 minutes till the foam liquefies or dries up.

Wipe off

Wipe with a wet cloth or sponge. Baking sheets and grills must be washed thoroughly with water and rinsed clean.

Repeat the process

If the surface is very dirty, repeat the process.



Sterling Steel Bright, spray, 500 ml

Sterling Steel Bright Spray is suitable for appliances made of stainless, polished and brushed steel and aluminum.

Sterling Refrigerator Cleaner, spray, 500 ml

Sterling Refrigerator Cleaner for use in cleaning the refrigerator, microwave, cooler bags, etc.

Sterling glaskeramisk kogepladerens spray

Sterling Ceramic Cooking Plate Cleaner, spray, 250 ml

Sterling Ceramic Cleaner makes your ceramic glass hob sparkling clean and forms an invisible film on the hob for easier cleaning come.

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