Metal Care
– let it shine!

Danish polishing of highest quality for your metals.

Sterling Silver Polishing Cloth, 1 cloth

The quickest and easiest polish to restore silver, plated silver, gold, pweter, nickel and chromium. Polished without polish and gives all lightly oxidized surfaces a brilliant lustre.

The specially woven cloth is impregnated with Sterling Silver Polishing Powder making it of one of the finest and gentle polishing tools. It retains polishing ability until it is worn out.

Note: The cloth must not be washed as the polishing ability hereby will be terminated!

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Bistro Silver cleaning paste, 1000 ml

Bistro is the simple and effective solution for cleaning silverware such as cutlery, dishes and candlesticks in restaurants, hotels, canteens, institutions and other places with a professional kitchen.

Sterling Dollar Universal Polishing Paste, 500 ml

Sterling Dollar Universal Polish Agent is our most effective cleaner. Dollar can be used for all shiny metals such as copper, brass, chrome, ore, tin and aluminum.

Sterling Silver Cleaner Silver Dip, 600 ml

Sterling Silver Dip is a fast and easy to use cleaning agent for lightly tarnished silver cutlery and other silver objects. For a long-term effect, we recommend our Sterling protector and cleaning product.

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