The users recommend Sterling Ironing Starch

Lise, Frederiksberg, 2010

“Sterling Ironing Starch is a fantastic invention. It saves me an incredible amount of time when handkerchiefs, light-coloured tablecloths, tablecloths in general and, not least, linen clothing need to be ironed. Linen, for instance, is a nightmare to iron without ironing starch – it takes hours to make it nice and smooth. Unfortunately, some stores don’t carry the product. But when I find it, I buy lots of them so I am sure I don’t run out.”

The users recommend Bistro Copper and Brass cleaning paste

Anne Mette, København Ø, 2012

“Wow! For years I have struggled, sweat and fainted with other polishing agents and all kinds of Italian products to get nice brass shelves and fittings in the bathroom. I purchased a special offer product in Netto a while ago. I had forgotten I had it, but after a fire in the apartment, the cleaning people used it. Even my husband has used it and I used it for the first time yesterday. Unbelievable that you don’t need to buff and polish, get dizzy from the fumes and rub and rub.”

Joanna, Newport, Shropshire, UK, 2013

“I have used your Bistro Copper/Brass cleaning paste for over 25 years for my brass sink and my antique copper pans. It is the most wonderful product, it makes cleaning so easy as it simply rinses off, and works so quickly even on old stains. It leaves pans and sink beautifully shiny for a long while.”

Carsten, Holbæk, 2011

In the ‘old days’ when polishing had to be done – whether this was silver, copper or brass – you had to rub and scrub. And there were nooks and crannies where the polishing agent had an impressive ability to hide. I have always liked old brass candlesticks, but I must confess that polishing is not my hobby. One day about 15 years ago I saw a polishing agent in a supermarket that just had to be smeared on, rinsed off with water and then just be dried with a cloth. My initial thought was that there were no limits to what the advertising industry could come up with to make decent people believe and to get them to buy their products.”

The users recommend Bistro Silver Cleaning Paste

Louise, Krakow, Poland, 2013

Louise, Krakow, Poland, 2013
“This is just a quick note to say that Bistro Sølvrensecreme (Bistro Silver Cleaning Paste) without a doubt is the best silver polish I have ever come across. I have lived in many different countries and sheer despaired at the rough and useless polish offered by other producers. After many years, I have given up trying anything else and resigned to load an extra suitcase with silver polish every time I visit my family in Denmark. I am particularly amazed that the British with all their beautiful silver have been unable to come up with a decent silver polish for everyday use. Best regards from a faithful fan.”

The users recommend Sterling Scale Remover Spray

Kirsten, 2018

A huge praise goes to you for your Lime Scale Remover Spray, it is the best product I have ever encountered. My bathtub was treated with it this past week-end and you could almost see your reflection in it afterwards.