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Sterling Screen Cleaner Wipes, 80 pcs

Sterling Screen Cleaner Wipes are disposable wipes that easily and efficiently cleans flat screens, computer screens, smartphone screens, tablets, etc.

The cleaning wipes are wrapped separately, making them easy to take on the go and can be disgarded after use.

Clean the screen quick and easy with the wet wipe. The non-alcoholic cleaning wipe removes dust, dirt, and fingerprints from the screen.

The cleaning cloth can be used on LED, LCD and plasma screens, CRT/FTF monitors and glass.


Rinse the object

Rinse the object in hot water. Do not wipe.

Moisten the sponge

Moisten the enclosed sponge with water and apply a little creme. Polish thoroughly as needed, so the tarnished is removed.

Immediately rinse

Immediately rinse with warm water. The creme must not be allowed to dry.

Dry with a clean cotton cloth

Dry with a clean cotton cloth. After use, rinse the sponge thoroughly as dry residues can scratch.


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Sterling Spectacle Lens Cleaner, spray, 100 ml

Sterling Spectacle Lens Cleaner Spray cleans your glasses, making them shiny and antistatic.

Sterling Screen Cleaner, 80 units

Sterling Screen Cleaner cleans flat panel TVs, screens on smartphones and tablets.

Sterling Spectacle Lens Cleaning Serviette, 50 units

Sterling Spectacle Lens Cleaning Serviettes are disposable wipes with cleaning agent.

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