Shoe Care
Everything is going to shine!

Top products for the care and maintenance of your shoes

Silver Instant Shoe Shine, BROWN, 75 ml

Premium shoe cream based on natural wax. Cleans, maintains and protects.

The shoe cream gives an instant shine to all leather shoes.

The specially designed mechanism prevents dripping, vaporization and coagulation.


The world’s first polish with the EU’s Ecolabel

Sterling Polish, as the first in the world, can present an eco-labeled polisher, the Bistro Silver Cleaner with the recognized EU Ecolabel. Since the development of Bistro Silver Cleaner in 1970, a great demand for environmentally friendly products has arisen, and therefore it is a natural way to go for us, as we want to meet our customers’ needs.

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Stain removal

Brown Soap is an excellent stain remover. If you have a stain on your clothes, apply a thick layer of Brown Soap on the stain and leave the piece of clothing either folded around the stain or in a plastic bag until the following day.

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Silver Selvblankende sko creme, m. svamp, neutral, 50 ml

Silver Suede and Nubuck Renovator is particularly suitable for shoes and boots made of suede and nubuck.

Silver Shoe Polish in box, BLACK, 50 ml

Provides an excellent shine. Can be used on all leather shoes and accessories. Can not be used on suede and nubuck.

Silver Shoe Shine Cream with sponge, NEUTRAL, 50 ml

Premium shoe cream based on natural wax. Cleans, maintains and protects. Instant shine to white leather shoes.

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