Stain Removal and impurities – Tips & tricks with Sterling Polish Company A/S

Stain Removal with Brown Soap:

Brown Soap is an excellent solution for stain removal. If you have a stain on your clothes, apply a thick layer of Brown Soap directly on the stain and leave the piece of clothing either folded around the stain or in a plastic bag until the next day. Afterwards, wash your clothes as usual. If the stain is gone, you can repeat the process.
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Sterling Citric Acid can also remove certain types of fruit juice stains


  1. Dissolve 1 part Citric Acid in 9 parts water that rub the stain with the solution.
  2. Always test on a non-visible area first to see how the colour of the fabric reacts with the solution.
  3. On dry stains, you can start with soaking it in Glycerin.
  4. Wash after the fabric after treatment.

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Machine washing with Sterling Liquid Soap flakes

If you need a detergent for machine-washing delicates (softshell materials, sportswear or other breathable materials), Sterling Liquid Soap Flakes is the answer.
You can also use it for high quality garments (silk, leather, wool and synthetic clothing).

How to:

  1. Use as regular detergent for gentle wash.
  2. Add Sterling Liquid Soap Flakes to the washing machine or wash ball. Select the washing program according to the instructions on the clothes.
  3. With medium-hard water, use about 60 ml of detergent.
  4. With hard water, use about 80 ml of detergent.

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Sterling Soda, a versatile cleaner for stain removal

Sterling Soda can help in many cleaning problems. It can both alleviate greasy work wear, be used for delicate and white clothes, but also for stain removal.

How to remove stains from cotton or canvas with Sterling Soda.

  1. Prepare a tub of warm water and Sterling Soda
  2. Then put the object in the tub – Make sure the stain is covered!
  3. Always test the color density of the fabric before using Soda for stain removal.
  4. Dosage:
    1. Mild: 1 tbsp. Soda to 0.5 liters of water
    2. Medium: 0.5 dl Soda to 0.5 liters of water
    3. Strong: 1 dl Soda to 0.5 liters of water
    4. Overview: 0.5 dl soda = 23 g = about 2 tbsp

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