Everything is going to shine!

The best for cleaning your home.

Sterling Toilet Cleaner, 750 ml

Sterling WC Cleaner removes calcium and impurities extra efficient. The cleaning is hygenic with a comfortable citrus scent.

Produced in en environment friendly way on a Danish factory.


The world’s first polish with the EU’s Ecolabel

Sterling Polish, as the first in the world, can present an eco-labeled polisher, the Bistro Silver Cleaner with the recognized EU Ecolabel. Since the development of Bistro Silver Cleaner in 1970, a great demand for environmentally friendly products has arisen, and therefore it is a natural way to go for us, as we want to meet our customers’ needs.

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Sterling Citric Acid, 500 g

For effective lime scale removal from coffee machines, kettles and dishwashers.

Sterling Soda, 500 g

Soda is good old-fashioned cleaning agent that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Sterling Descaling Tablets, 8 units

Sterling Lime Scale Remover Spray adds shine while removing lime and stains from showers, baths, etc.

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