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Sterling Ironing Starch, spray, 300 ml

Sterling Ironing Starch contains natural starch which stays in the garment longer, and keeps it crisp for an extended period. It also protects the fibers so they are not so easily dirtied.

Note: If the propellant in the can must extend to the entire content, it is important that the can is held almost upright when spraying.

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Shake well

Shake well

Shake the can well

Hold the can upright and spray

Keep the can upright and spray the clean fabric from a distance of approximately 20 cm. Let the fabric rest for a moment and then iron at a low heat.

Set the temperature of the iron between wool and silk

The irons temperature setting must be between wool and silk. If the iron is too hot, coatings may occur and the starch may become discoloured.

Extra stiffness & after use

For extra stiffness, spray the fabric on both sides at the initial treatment or repeat treatment.
After use, remove the spray valve and clean with hot water. This prevents clogging of the valve.


The users recommend Sterling Ironing Starch

“Sterling Ironing Starch is a fantastic invention. It saves me an incredible amount of time when handkerchiefs, light-coloured tablecloths, tablecloths in general and, not least, linen clothing need to be ironed. Linen, for instance, is a nightmare to iron without ironing starch – it takes hours to make it nice and smooth. Unfortunately, some stores don’t carry the product. But when I find it, I buy lots of them so I am sure I don’t run out.”

Lise, Frederiksberg, 2010


Sterling Carpet Shampoo, 500 ml

Carpet Shampoo is a concentrated foaming cleaning agent that can be used both as a stain remover on carpets and textiles and as a cleaning agent.

Sterling Textile Proofing, 500 ml

Textile proofing is colorless, with no silicone and impregnate without making the fabric stiff. Sterling Textile Proofing is suitable for leather shoes and boots

Sterling Gycering, 250 ml

Sterling Glycerin is an effective tool against grass, fruit and chocolate stains on clothing. Rub the glycerin into the stain, let it work for about 12 hours and then wash.

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