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Brait Magic Flowers Lovely Sweet Berries, 75 ml


Brait Magic Flowers Lovely Sweet Berries is a lively, juicy scent with florals, mouthwatering red fruit flavour and a sweet, vanilla base that captures the vibrant atmosphere of a Spanish city by night.

Brait Magic Flowers Lovely Sweet Berries freshener is a decorative freshener in the form of an attractive flower. The contact with this air freshener is an experience evoking associations with living flowers. Fragrant flowers are an unusual scent in the house, matching every style.





1. Remove the products from the packaging and unscrew the lid on the bottle.

2. Place the flower in the bottle.

3. Make sure the stick is fully dipped in the liquid.

4. When the fluid reaches the flower, the scent is released in the room. Set aside in a safe place.