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Sterling Brown Cleaning Soap Gel, 500 g


Sterling Brown Cleaning Soap Gel is an effective cleaning product for tiles, cork, slate, vinyl, terrazzo, ceramic sanitary ware, steel sinks, ceramic plates, grill grates, oven plates and all kinds of plastic. Sterling Brown Cleaning Soap Gel is also very suitable for removing algae on wood, garden tiles and roofs and is effective on aphids as well.

Grass stains on the children’s clothes? Do not worry, Sterling Brown Cleaning Soap Gel is very effective on both grass stains, old paint and grease stains on clothes.





Dosage: 4 tbsp. (approx. 50 g) for 5 liters of hot water.

1. Whip the soap in warm water.

2. Use a soft brush, rinse with lukewarm water and polish with a soft cloth. This is espacially effective on burns on oven plates and oven trays.

3. Brown Cleaning Soap is applied on the item, which is wrapped in a plastic bag or clear foil for the next day.

4. Then wash with warm water. In the case of very heavy coatings, the treatment is repeated.


NOTE! Do not use Sterling Brown Cleaning Soap Gel in self-cleaning ovens as well as on painted or lacquered surfaces and linoleum.