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Sterling Spectacle Cleaner Wipes, 30pcs


Sterling Spectacle Cleaner Wipes are disposable wipes that cleans the glass – easy and quick. 

The cleaning wipes are wrapped separately, making them easy to take on the go and can be disgarded after use. Have some in the car, bag or pocket – There are 30 wipes in one package.

Clean the spectacle lenses quick and easy with the damp cleaning wipe. The spectacle lenses are then clean, shiny and antistatic. The wipes should only be used for glasses with tempered glass.

Sterling Spectacle Cleaner Wipes are also suitable for computer and TV screens made of glass, mirrors, car windows, camera lenses, helmet visors etc.

Note: Sterling Spectacle Cleaner Wipes may not be used on contact lenses!

Sterling Spectacle Cleaner Wipes are also available in a package of 80 pieces (product no. 2580).



Spray both sides
Spray Sterling Spectacle Lens Cleaner on both sides of the lenses.

Wipe with a clean cloth
Wipe the glasses dry with a clean cloth. The result is clean, glossy and anti-static lenses.