Silver Express Black Self Shine Shoe Cream, 50 ml


Silver Express Black Self Shine Shoe Cream is a black premium shoe cream, which is based on natural wax. The shoe polish cleanses, maintains and protects the shoes.

The shoe polish gives an instant shine to all leather shoes without polishing.

The special designed mechanism prevents dripping, evaporation and coagulation.





  1. Rinse the object

    Rinse the object in hot water. Do not wipe.


  2. Moisten the sponge

    Moisten the enclosed sponge with water and apply a little creme. Polish thoroughly as needed, so the tarnished is removed.


  3. Immediately rinse

    Immediately rinse with warm water. The creme must not be allowed to dry.


  4. Dry with a clean cotton cloth

    Dry with a clean cotton cloth. After use, rinse the sponge thoroughly as dry residues can scratch.