Silver Express Sports Shoe Renovator, 75 g


Silver Renovator for sneakers is a premium shoe polish, based on natural wax, which gives a nice shiny finish. The shoe polish cleans, maintains and protects the shoes. The shoe polish gives an instant shine to white sneakers and leather shoes.

The shoe polish prevents dripping, evaporation and coagulation thanks to nanotechnology. 

The shoe polish makes white sneakers shine, as were they new when using the Silver Sports Shoe Renovator. The shoe polish covers scuffs and scratches.





1. Make sure the shoes are dry and clean (For that we recommend using Silvers Universal Cleaning Foam).

2. Shake the bottle.

3. Briefly press the sponge against the shoe and distribute the cream on the shoe.

Note: Make sure the cap is closed properly to prevent the sponge head from drying.