Silver Universal Cleaning Foam, 125 ml


Silver Universal Cleaning Foam is an universal cleaning foam for all types of shoes. The cleansing foam cleans shoes made of leather, patent leather, suede, nubuck, textile, velour and synthetic material.

The cleansing foam is effective on sneakers as well. The foam makes white sneakers become white again, by cleaning the shoes in depth.

This cleaning set contains everything you need for cleaning sneakers and other types of shoes. It contains a cleaning foam and an effective double-sided sponge.





1. Shake the bottle.

2. Spray the cleaning foam on the shoe and let it sit for 1-2 minutes in order for it to penetrate and lift dirt and grime.

3. Wipe the access foam off with the sponge until the shoe is clean.

It may be necessary to repeat the cleaning process if the shoes are very dirty. 

Note: Remember to waterproof the shoes with Silver Universal Waterproof Protector after cleaning.