Silver Universal Waterproofer, 300 ml


Silver Universal Waterproofer is an effective waterproofer spray. Textiles such as breathable clothing, clothing for skiing, jackets, snow suits, tents, bags, umbrellas and garden cushions becomes water-repellent and less susceptible towards dirt, oil and grease stains.

Silver Universal Waterproofer is also very suitable for shoes and boots made of leather, nubuck and suede.

Silver Universal Waterproofer is colourless and does not contain silicone and fluorides. This garantees that the spray does not leave the fabric stiff.  

Silver Universal Waterproofer provides long-lasting protection. The spray protects leather and suede against water-based and oil-based stains.

Note: Remember to only waterproof clean shoes. For this, we recommend using Silver Universal Cleaning Foam for efficient cleaning of all kinds of materials before using the Silver Universal Waterproofer.